Commissions are currently closed! Check back later; or check my Instagram or DeviantArt for updates!

Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning!
Can't find what you're looking for? Contact me via email at!

profile picture

  • These are typically simple headshots of any of your characters, single characters only. If requesting matching icons, the price doubles.

  • If you have a specific request (special color palette variation, matching linked icons, etc) please notify me!

flat render

  • These are typically unshaded or flat cell shaded pieces with transparent, solid colored, or gradient backgrounds. These never have full enviornment shading like full renders do.

  • You can request any sort of perspective just like you would with full renders!

  • You may request multiple characters, but no more than 3.

  • I will provide a transparent background version alongside a shaded and unshaded version as well!

full render

  • These are typically fully rendered pieces with any sort of perspective and background environment, you may request multiple characters as well, if the amount of characters go over 5, I may begin to charge a little more than the base $50 price.

  • Please be very descriptive in what sort of piece you are thinking of! Provide good descriptions and references so I know what to go off of. Will send sketches and work in progress material to you as I work on it.

commission terms of service

general info

  • Please provide good visual references for your characters! 1-2 is usually enough for me.

  • Please be descriptive in what you want! I'll be sending work in progress pictures as I work on it, if you want something changed always say so!

  • If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! I am open to questions through email.

dos and don'ts

i WILL draw

  • anthros

  • humans

  • ferals

  • ponies

  • gore

  • complicated designs (might charge extra, however)

  • cover art

  • twitch emojis

i WILL NOT draw

  • ANY sort of NSFW content

  • fetish art

payment and refunds

  • I use primarily PayPal, but Venmo is an option too.

  • Payment must be up front, and USD only. If sending with different currency please convert it accurately or I will not accept it.

  • If I'm completely unable to finish a commission whether it's for emergency reasons or otherwise, you will be refunded in full.

  • Please do not commission me if you are NOT COMPLETELY CERTAIN! All sales are final.

turnaround rate and posting

  • Usually at most I will take a month on a piece, if something occurs and I take longer than usual I WILL contact you!

  • I can work with deadlines, but it may cost a little extra. Message me, and we can work it out!

  • Unless you specify me not to, I may post your commission on my portfolio or as an example for my website!

  • Feel free to post your commission, you don't have to ask me as long as you give some sort of credit!

about me

Hello there, my name is Kali and I'm a hobbyist artist and animator here on the World Wide Web! I'm mostly known as lolipoptable online but I also go under the username ddddspup on places the former is not available. I mostly make animations on YouTube and I post digital artwork on both DeviantArt and Instagram. I have a ton of original characters that most of the media I produce is about, including longtime passion projects called Mischief and The Strength Of Four, two webcomics in development focused around them! If you want to learn more about my characters, you can find them all on my account! I also have interest in old MMORPGs and video games, with most focus being on the old and defunct MMORPG Toontown Online and the private servers created after its shutdown like Toontown Rewritten.If you also were curious, I use Clip Studio Paint and Vegas Pro 14 for all my art and animation needs!