Hello there, my name is Kali. People typically know me by my internet username "lolipoptable".I am a hobbyist digital artist, creative writer, and animator. I'm primarily known for my animations on YouTube featuring my various original characters!Here on this website, you can find links to all my social medias where I post my work as well as my gallery, ranging from 2013 to now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to draw?
I draw in Clip Studio Paint, I use Vegas Pro 14 to edit/animate, and my tablet is a Wacom Intuos Pro.
Do you do commissions?
I currently do not do commissions or business related endeavors. I only do work for close friends.
Do you do art trades?
I very rarely do them, but I have done them in the past. I will do them with friends and artist mutuals.
Do you do collaborations?
Incredibly rarely, like art trades, I usually will only do them with friends and mutuals.
Where can I contact you?
The only place you can send me a question or contact me is through asks on Tumblr. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be me, it is not me.